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Writing journey – Graphic Novel stalled and great progress on books

A quick note. I have some good news and some bad news in the world of Marithia.

Unfortunately, the graphic novel is not going ahead for Legends of Marithia. This is partly due to the artist being unavailable, and also due to not having funds to get this done. If/when this changes, I will let you all know.

The good news is that I finished the rewrite of Legends of Marithia: Book 1, and just like all of my books, it has been updated and published through Amazon Createspace, and is available now, on both paperback and kindle.

You can read a preview of the new edition here, and the novel is already available. My next target is to rewrite Legends of Marithia : Book 2, into a 2014 edition.

Great things are to come, and as always, I appreciate the support of my fans and trust you enjoy the journey to Marithia


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