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Settings and Locations


(Map artwork by Nathalia De Matos)

(Settings and Locations)

Marithia is a land rich with culture and locations as varied as the cultures that live within them.

Castle Praethorne (Off the Marithia Map)

Where the Blood Red Moon Prophecy began.


Haunted town. Wumvarn was said to be born near here.


 Gigantic castle as large as a city. Stronghold of interest to the Forces of Darkness.

Jade Inn

Located a good horse’s ride from Greenhaven, Jade Inn is sanctuary for many Marithians.



Where Kassina’s Tower and Eagle Drop can be found. Known to be crawling with the Forces of Darkness.

Mount Wayrin

Pirate’s Bay

Pirates Bay


The City of Wonders. Trade capitol and port to the stars.


The island of Dragons. Home to the fabled Fang Cliffs and Weeping Falls.

The Underworld (Not on any Marithian map)

A dark mirror of the overworld, ruled by the demon lord Shindar.


Elven City, hidden deep in the Elven Woods.


Vampire city – Located near the Lowlands and Eagle Drop

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