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Marithia is a land rich with culture, and amongst “other” species which are not easily classified.

Ancients (Unknown)


Finn – Human; Vartan’s brother. Son of Leon and Victoria

Finn and Andrielle - By Guido Leber

Karven – Dragon; King of Dragons. Ruler of Trahoterra. She’Ma’Ryn council member

Nymira – Dragon; Queen of the dragons

Elves / Human-Elves

Elven Warrior - by Guido Leber

Andrielle – Elven; Marithian Queen

Finn and Andrielle - by Guido Leber

Faowind – Elven; General of the elven army

Helenia – Human/Elven; Princess. Daughter of Arman and Andrielle

Helenia - by Guido Leber

Helenia - As featured on the cover of Legends of Marithia (Book 2) - by claudia bartoli-mckinney


Aidan – Human; Leader of the royal guard

Arman Saber – Human; King of Greenhaven

King Arman Saber - by Guido Leber

Bard – Human; Stable boy at Crondor

Dryden – Human; Leader of the Knights of Greenhaven

Griff – Human; Crondor Innkeeper

Grueber Saber – Human; Outcast from the Saber royal line. Self-crowned king of Praethorne.

Hildar – Human; Innkeeper at the Jade Inn

Leon – Human; Vartan and Finn’s Father. Husband to Victoria

Lynn – Human; Marithian Songstress

Tusdar – Human; Master thief, drunkard

Vartan – Human; Knight of greenhaven. Son of Leon and Victoria. Child of the Talonsphere Prophecy

Victoria – Human; Mother of Vartan and Finn. Yet to be reborn in dragon form.

Yuski – Human; Demon hunter


Aldorus – Sorcerer; Anakari’s Master

Anakari/Kari – Sorceress; Aldorus’ adopted daughter

Barone / Kai’en – Seer; Location Unknown

Niesha – Sorceress; Kassina’s mother

Trisa – Human Sorceress; Healer

Trisa - As featured on the cover of Legends 1 Second edition - by claudia bartoli-mckinney


Glaucus – Golem; Under Kassina’s command

Kassina – Vampire Sorceress; Queen of the underworld. Child of the Blood Red Moon prophecy

Kassina - by Guido Leber

Kassina - By Guido Leber

Kassina - by Nicola McIntosh

Keturah – Unknown; Truth Pendany from She’Ma’Ryn

Makya Joushika – Humanoid Warlock; She’Ma’Ryn trader. Shanka’s Master

Shanka – Phoenix; Owned by Makya

Shindar – Demon/Lord; Ruler of the underworld and commander of the Forces of Darkness. Considers Kassina his own daughter

Tahlie – Artefact; Sword of Destiny

Wumvarn – Master Demon; Details Unknown

Xinak – Species unknown; Master of ceremonies. She’Ma’Ryn council


Vampire Assassins - by Guido Leber

Aryun – Vampire; Zhendurian Lord

Danton – Vampire; Kassina’s father

Derian Saber – Turned Vampire; Son of Arman and Andrielle

Mestal – Vampire Master; Zhendurian royalty

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