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Legends of Marithia: The Comic Series REBOOT (MARVEL DC)

Greetings to all backers and fans of Legends of Marithia, and the comic series that I attempted to kick start months ago. There have been some major changes, and a new reboot of the comic is coming.

There has been a ton of work going on in the background, and I would like to make some major announcements.

The amazing Frank Percy has stepped in as the new illustrator. Frank has worked on comics such as Iron Man and Punisher (Yes, Marvel DC!). Coloured by the Davi Correia you already know (who has worked on many comics, including Battlestar Galactica).

Comic page lettering has been handed over to HdE, who works at Big Dog Inc comics, and has his own rap sheets of great comics he has lettered. I will be posting news of a new Kickstarter *very* soon, and there is going to be some great stuff on offer.

The first three pages are illustrated (page 2 is penciled) and are having lettering added to show you, the awesome backers, what to expect from the new artwork.

For now, the internals are going to be black and white, but the cover will be colour, for the 100% target. There will be stretch goals for colouring the internals.

To whet your appetite, here is the Legends of Marithia: Comic Series poster, showcasing the illustration of Frank Percy, and the colouring work of Davi.

Expect more updates, and the new Kickstarter very soon, and thank you all for the great support!

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