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A much overdue update

Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in Author Update, Exclusive Content, Featured, Legends of Marithia (Book 1) - Graphic Novel, Legends of Marithia (Book 1) Uncut and Extended, Legends of Marithia 3, Legends of Marithia Series, Legends of Marithia: Darkness Rising (Book 2), Legends of Marithia: Prophecies Awakening, Mind Jacked | 0 comments

Greetings to all Legends of Marithia fans!

It’s been quite some time, and as I’m getting my head above water of dealing with various things, I figured it’s time for an update.

Believe me when I say that things have been busy, and the best news of all is that I’ve kicked off the Graphic Novel project! Details are below, but it’s crowd-funded (to pay for the artists’ work only), and there are some great rewards on offer. As I have largely neglected this blog, I will try to post updates and blog entries more often.

So, what’s been going on, and where are things at?

Legends of Marithia: Prophecies Awakening (2014 edition)



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The rewrite for this has finished a while ago, and the book is available on Amazon, online stores, and all bookstores (you may need to order in the latest edition, and stockists may vary). This is going to be the final edition of the book, save any editorial fixes.

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My Journey – Writing Legends 3, Chapter Previews, Movie Teaser, and Graphic Novel

Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Author Update, Featured, Legends of Marithia 3, Legends of Marithia Series, Mind Jacked | 0 comments

Greetings to my readers (I know you’re out there, right? Right? – echoes of silence)

You’d have hopefully seen my last blog that talk about an upcoming Hollywood style movie trailer, right? If not, it’s here

Let me give you a bit of an idea of what’s been going on, where things are at, some exciting new developments and things that I’ve learned along the way.

It’s been a bit of a crazy time for me, with many projects on the go at the same time and busy times at work (yes, I work full-time as well as work on my writing projects). I guess you could say that I’m learning to juggle, and although we drop a ball here and there… the idea is to keep going.

Legends of Marithia 3

The book is shaping nicely, and after a complete rewrite it is only down to writing the remaining plotted chapters and finalising the book. I can tell you that there will be an epic plot twist that I expect none of you would have seen coming, but everything from Legends 1-3 will suddenly make a lot more sense. I can’t express just how much everything will have not been as it seems. It sounds cliché, but for those of you who have stuck with the series… it will be far more rewarding. Expect a ton of action, adventure, getting to know your characters on a deeper level, and epic surprises along the way.

There will definitely be a Legends of Marithia 4!

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My Journey – Writing and general musings (9th April)

Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Author Update, Legends of Marithia 3, Legends of Marithia Series, Mind Jacked | 0 comments

I have decided that instead of posting blogs about certain topics, I would keep a regular blog about the writing journey. There will be sweat, tears, and hopefully no blood… well at least not outside of my manuscripts’ pages.

I will try to write on a regular basis, and hope that it brings you some shared insight, learning, and maybe even some entertainment.

So, what has been happening lately in my world? If you missed my last update, I mentioned that I was finishing Legends of Marithia 3, and also writing my new scifi book at the same time.

I had some thoughts on how to proceed with my two books, and how I am going with the possibly crazy idea of writing two books at the same time. Legends of Marithia 3 was going very well, but as I realised that it is going to need serious re-work from the ground up to be what I want it to be; I had to take a different tact.

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