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ABC Radio Interview, Legends of Marithia Comic, and Legends of Marithia: Talonsphere RELEASED!

Greetings Legends of Marithia fans!

I’ve been a busy bee, which is why you haven’t seen many blogs from me. I can tell you though, that much has happened.

I did launch a Kickstarter for the Marvel DC comic, which failed to be funded. I figured, it’s most likely as the work is not done. So, the good news is, that the comic book is proceeding, without crowdfunding! Oh yes, expect to hear more soon, and be ready to get yourselves a copy.

Today, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Kelly Higgins-Devine, at ABC Radio. It was a pleasure to be a part of the panel, and Kelly was a fantastic host.

We had a great chat, and I really enjoyed the discussion.


The full interview and details are here:


Dean Rankine  from  Melbourne, has worked on countless Simpsons comics as well as creating his very own comic ‘Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Land’.

Panel discussion;

Peter Koevari, Author of The Legends of Marithia, he is currently turning his trilogy of books into a comic series.

Kate Lambley, studying an honours thesis, with an emphasis on comic books and present franchises.

Pol Rou Brisbane comic collector, for the past 20 years, who has been the manager of Ace Comics and Games.

ABC Community Correspondent, David McGovern reports from a sunshine coast comic store with a difference.

Long awaited news! Legends of Marithia: Talonsphere has been released! Oh yes, this completes the Legends of Marithia: War of Prophecies Trilogy, and you can get a hold of it online, and selected  bookstores (others can order it in for you). There is also a special Trilogy Edition book that can be purchased (paperback + eBook)

All books and their buying links are on my BOOKS page

Feel free to share your comments on the interview, and for all the fans, I look forward to your reviews and thoughts on Legends III. There is much for you to discover.

And for all the comic fans, here’s a taste of things to come! (Censored)

Page 1 - Illustrated and inked by Frank Percy, lettered by HdE . Not yet coloured, Censored Version

Page 3 - Illustrated and inked by Frank Percy, lettered by HdE . Not yet coloured, Censored Version

Peter Koevari

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