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A massive update – New Covers, Books, Audiobooks, Comic info, and more!

Greetings to all Legends of Marithia fans! So, it’s been forever a while since I updated you all on here, right?

I totally agree, but I’m going to try to make up for that with some really cool updates, and some general going-ons for me as an author, and the books that bring you all here. Apologies for my tardiness, and expect updates to be faster moving forward.

To summarise, I’m working on my new scifi novel, Mind Jacked, as well as ramping up for the next Legends of Marithia. Yes, you heard it right… Legends of Marithia IV *is* coming… I just can’t give you all an exact timeframe. I’m terrible, aren’t I? Well, I’m going to try to deliver them both by end of 2016, or early 2017.

Legends of Marithia is now available in Audiobooks! Well, the first one is, and the rest are coming.

The comic is definitely coming, and I’ve received many pages, so expect to see that in 2016.

I’m part of a game design team for the amazing fantasy deck-building game, Draconis Invasion, which I am proud to have worked on the story and character blurbs on, is about to hit production. Pre-Order a copy as soon as you can!

I’ve met lots of great fans, and you all make it worthwhile. So, enough of me blabbering about… here’s the cool stuff!

New Covers!

What a time to showcase some incredible art! Legends 1, 2, and 3 are all due to receive new covers, and so far, the third and first have been given the best treatment. Also, you may have seen the new anthology that my story, Dusted Dreams, features in. Well, that also has a brand new cover. Without further ado, here they are, in all their beauty. They are being updated on all channels as we speak.

Legends 1 Cover depicts Kassina as a contrast between her young self and who she later becomes, and above her is the one who saves her, Shindar, the Lord of Darkness

cover front new coming soon

Legends 3 Cover shows Vartan holding the Sword of Tahlie, and behind him is Greenhaven, and the King of Dragons: Karven

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031]

Even the trilogy box set got updated

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00074]

Ew cover

Stay tuned for Legends 2’s new cover, TBD


Oh yes, Legends of Marithia 1 is available right now as an audiobook, and the rest are coming. Check out the first, and experience it in the most immersive way possible:


Mind Jacked


There will be many details coming up on this, and progress is being made. I’m diving into Science Fiction novels, and if you want to know what the story is about, read the prequel story in Endless Worlds Anthology.


Comic book

This is something that’s been spoken of for a long time, and without much to see, but it is *definitely* coming, and Frank Percy is working very hard behind the scenes on this one. I like Frank’s dark and classic Marvel style he applies to his vision of the story, and I hope you will all enjoy it when it is released. A few advanced cells for your previewing pleasure. I shy away from too many previews before the final

11204392_694001660703212_4545553600312822196_n 12938165_690052651098113_7435467250339055771_n

Thank to everyone’s private messages and comments of late. They all mean a lot, and I read them all! If you enjoy my books, please review them on Amazon or Goodreads (You can click the above links, or use the Books page to find the pages.

Keep contacting me, and expect to see more updates soon!


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